About the league

South Vancouver Island Tennis Society organizes a doubles league each spring from mid April until late June, called the South Island Tennis League (SITL). The entry fee is $130 per team and everything is organized for you - courts, schedules and a website where you enter your scores. We play on Greater Victoria public courts every Tuesday at 6:00 pm until dark. We try to include all levels of players. If you are new to the game, we can supply mentors to help you out with scoring, league rules, and etiquette - whatever you need to get playing. Our main goal is to increase participation and to have fun playing tennis.

What's new for 2018

Gear up for the 14th Season of the South Island Tennis League! It's time to start organizing your doubles league team. We play mens and womens doubles on private and public courts in the Greater Victoria area every Tuesday at 6:00 pm from Apr 17 to Jun 26.

Changes for 2018 include:

1. More promotion and relegation of teams that placed first and last in their divisions. So if last season's division winning teams don't enter the higher division, the committee may promote the winning teams to the higher division.

2. Bear Mountain hopes to enter four teams this year. If you are a member of Bear Mountain TC and want to play on their teams, contact Russ or Sean.

3. For players coming from downtown, the Westshore can be difficult to access by 6 pm. We will try to schedule Westshore teams versus Westshore teams for the first 3 weeks of League. Once the days get longer, we could then start league play at 6:30 for Westshore games.

4. Tenniscores increased our fees by $5 to $15 per team, so SITL entry fees increase by $5 to $130 per team.

5. We have a new email address - sitennisleague@gmail.com. Our Yahoo email address had the addressbook stolen a couple years ago and spammers were using it to spoof mail from us, so we are starting fresh with a new address.

To see all stats and team rosters from 2017 and 2016, select "Stats" from the top menu bar above.

Entries open Feb. 21 and close Mar. 16.

To download your entry form, go to http://sitl.tenniscores.com/forms.php. You can also email us at sitennisleague@gmail.com.

Useful Documents

Scoring website help on finding which court your team is playing at.

Map links and locations of all the courts.


Most teams should be in Zone 2/Central - nearly all league courts fall inside it. Zone 1/North contains Centennial (Central Saanich) and Panorama. Zone 3/Westshore contains Centennial (Langford), Juan de Fuca, Langford TC, and Bear Mountain TC. If needed, some courts near the Zone 2 border may be added to zones 1 and 3.


You can email us at sitennisleague@gmail.com.


You can find the old website and scores from 2015 here.

Find the scores from 2016 on the scoring website under Stats.